Buddies are a very important part of The Exceptional Community Baseball League. Every participant in the ECBL has a Buddy to help the players on the field, at bat and in the dugout…

Buddies help to keep the players focused on the game, protect the players from errant balls to ensure their safety and run the bases with the players. Basically, the Buddies stay with their player during an entire game, keeping them safe, focused and help with skills such as throwing and catching.

Many organizations and individuals are Buddies for our league. Those that have been Buddies come away from this experience with a sense of accomplishment and joy in helping our players and many have said that they came away from the experience with a greater understanding of the Special Needs Population and an enthusiasm to continue helping others.

Individuals and groups are encouraged to volunteer as Buddies or in other capacities. . Click the link below to sign up as a Buddy or contact Greenville Recs & Parks at 252-329-4541 for other volunteer opportunities.